Running Science meets Physics & Engineering

April 13th, 2018, M.I.T. McGovern Institute, Cambridge, MA.

Bringing together experts from physiology, sports medicine, engineering and physics to explore current and future directions in this newly emerging interdisciplinary field.

The workshop is open to scientists from academia and industry, and interested runners. All participants must register on this website before April 6, 2018.


The scope of this interdisciplinary workshop is to bring together experts from physiology, sports medicine, engineering and physics. With the rapid development of wearable technologies that can monitor a plethora of biomechanical and physiological data during exercise, an enormous amount of data becomes available. However, it appears that there is a lack of models and tools that can help turn these big data into usable and meaningful information. 

Invited are prominent researchers working in the general fields of physiology, medicine, physics and engineering with background in fields including exercise physiology, biomechanics, engineering of novel sensors, cardiovascular response and variability, and application of statistical physics to physiological measures. With the organization of this workshop, we intend to bring together experts from various fields within and outside MIT to explore current and future directions for this newly emerging interdisciplinary field.

Organizer: Thorsten Emig, MIT-CNRS joint lab / University Paris-Saclay, France.


Invited speakers are experts in the fields of physiology, medicine, engineering and physics.


Aaron Baggish


Director, Cardiovascular Performance Program, Massachusetts General Hospital; Medical Director Boston Marathon


Veronique Billat

Professor of Physiology

University Paris-Saclay, Unit of Exercise Physiolgy for Training, France.


Ary Goldberger

Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School. Director, Margret and H.A. Rey Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine & NIH-sponsored Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals.


Anette (Peko) Hosoi

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Wyatt Mohrman

Electrical Engineering

Co-Founder at Stryd Inc., Boulder.


Matthew Mulligan

Student Physics

University of Colorado, Boulder.


Francois Peronnet

Professor Physiology

Kinesiology department, University Montréal.


Jyrki Schroderus

Director, Research & Technology

Polar Electro, Kempele, Finland.


Madhusudhan Venkadesan

Professor Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

School of Engineering & Applied Science, Yale University.


Daniel Wiese

Mechanical Engineering

Co-founder and CTO at Humon, Cambridge


Thorsten Emig

Research Professor Theoretical Physics

MIT-CNRS joint laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & University Paris-Saclay, France.


Time Speaker Title Information
08:00 Roland Pellenq / Peko Hosoi / Thorsten Emig Welcome
08:15 Daniel Wiese Humon and Muscle Oxygenation: From Market Need to the Hex
08:40 Aaron Baggish Cardiovascular health in runners: What we know, What we don't know, and Whether there is too much of a good thing
09:25 Peko Hosoi (Simple) mechanical models of running
10:10 Coffee
10:20 Wyatt Mohrman Bringing the Lab to the Road
10:45 Jyrki Schroderus Industrial Requirements for Running Sports Products
11:30 Madhusudhan Venkadesan Form and function of the human foot
12:15 Lunch
12:35 Veronique Billat How to run the Marathon in less than 2 hours: Old and Modern approach building a bridge between physiology and mathematics
01:20 Francois Peronnet Hyperbolic bioenergetics models of human running performance
02:05 Ary Goldberger Complexity Science and Exercise: New Approaches to Tracking the Marathon Quest for Wellness
02:50 Thorsten Emig A new minimal physiological model for human running performance (part I)
03:10 Matthew Mulligan Applications: Physiological profiles and training (part II)
03:30 End of Talks
Sat 9:00am Veronique Billat Practical physiological testing of runners (MIT Johnson indoor track). Separate registration required, please contact organizers.


All talks will be at the McGovern Seminar Room, Building 46, Room 3189, MIT Campus.
43 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA.